Gerhard Rabensteiner


Having worked in the solar industry since 2000, Gerhard Rabensteiner brought the company he founded, KPV Solar, into the PV–Invest Group and is now continuing on his chosen path of photovoltaics together with Günter Grabner.

Gerhard Rabensteiner studied business administration at Graz University and has enjoyed a successful career in industry since 1985. After 15 years at Philips Electronics, he became interested in solar power and made the professional move in 2000. He also headed GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie GmbH for six years, where he played a key role in turning the company into one of the leading international suppliers on the solar thermal energy market.

In 2006, Gerhard Rabensteiner co-founded KIOTO Clear Energy AG. Serving on the board, he was most recently responsible for photovoltaics. He then became self-employed in the solar sector, establishing KPV Solar GmbH, and soon expanded the firm to become a leading EPC contractor. Having brought his company into the PV–Invest Group and taken over management, Gerhard Rabensteiner has joined forces with Günter Grabner and together they now follow their chosen path of photovoltaics. At home, he and his family have also been harnessing the sun’s power to generate renewable energy for over 25 years.

Gerhard Rabensteiner is committed to being a solar manager.

Full name

Gerhard Rabensteiner

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A business administration graduate from Graz University

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