HpSA Hydropower Systems


HpSA Hydraulic Pressure Machine

HpSA hydraulic pressure machines are efficient micro hydro units that generate electricity quietly and sustainably.
The minimal construction work required on site and the simple yet rugged design result in low investment costs. Assembly and installation of the machine is easy, saving both time and money.

Our Services

We design and produce hydraulic pressure machines with a power range from 3 to 30 kW. HpSA provides turnkey projects for small hydro power plants with hydraulic pressure machines.

Our Products

HpSA hydraulic pressure machines work at low heads and flow rates. Hydro power plants that use conventional technology, such as axial, Kaplan, Francis or Pelton turbines, cannot however cover this operating range economically.

Wildlife-friendly energy generation

Hydraulic pressure machines have low impact on both the environment and wildlife. They let aquatic wildlife and debris pass, operate particularly ecologically and produce energy in an environment-friendly way.

When hydro power is utilized with due care, it frequently creates new protected habitats for flora and fauna. In fact, sensitive and sustainable use of hydro power can have beneficial effects on fish stocks.

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