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Small bodies of water with low heads were not considered profitable for hydro power for a long time. Hydraulic pressure machines from HpSA now provide an ideal solution for utilizing such small waters cost effectively. Due to the minimum construction required on site, a hydraulic pressure machine can even be installed with low impact in ecologically sensitive river courses.

HpSA plans and develops small hydro power projects with hydraulic pressure machines. This includes selecting suitable locations, securing title to the land (also obtaining all the necessary permits) and concluding feed-in contracts or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with energy off-takers. A team of experienced engineers develops all the required designs in detail. When planning any project, general regional requirements and individual demands are taken into account. The result is always a high-performance power plant with the shortest possible period of amortization and an attractive return on investment.

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HpSA Hydraulic Pressure Machines

We design and produce hydraulic pressure machines with a power range from 3 to 30 kW. HpSA provides turnkey projects for small hydro power plants with hydraulic pressure machines. Our services include planning, building and commissioning the plant.


Hydraulic pressure machines from HpSA Hydropower Systems GmbH can be installed at various sites that were not previously viable for conventional turbine technology. They work at low heads and flow rates of up to 3 m³/s.

From residual water outfall channels to treatment plants. The simple technical design enables rapid installation in existing weirs, water mills and power plants. Hydraulic pressure machines from HpSA Hydropower Systems GmbH are the ideal alternative to conventional small hydro power solutions.

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HpSA hydraulic pressure machines are efficient micro hydro units that generate electricity quietly and sustainably. The minimal construction work required on site and the simple yet rugged design result in low investment costs. Assembly and installation of the machine is easy, saving both time and money.

Use at locations not previously viable for conventional turbine technology

Quick and easy installation (modular principle)

Low maintenance costs

Installation at sites with difficult access possible

Fully automatic operation

Only minor construction work necessary

Simple, rugged design


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